Women Angels Survey


REPORT - The Barriers and Opportunities for Women Angel Investing in Europe

Foi realizado um survey pan europeu para melhor entender as barreiras, motivações e oportunidades por trás da decisão e vontade das mulheres na Europa de investir em empresas na fase semente. Este survey resultou num report que poderá consultar aqui 

The aim of the research was to understand the common characteristics and key drivers for women to start angel investing and the concerns and barriers to angel investing identified among the women who were not investing.

The rusults of the research findings will be used to frame the delivery of the ongoing programme of actions being carried out by the WA4E Partners and most notably will be used to support the development of relevant actions and key messages for awareness and recruitment of women to address the identified barriers to angel investing.

The Research was led by UK Business angels Association, the trade body for Angel early stage investing in the UK in partnership with Angel Academie, a leading angel network focusing on investing in women in technology.

The research comprised a detailed online questionnaire that reached out to a total of over 6.000 women across the six partner countries. By the end of the collection period, a total of 640 women, of which 310 women who were already angel investing and 330 women who were not angel investing, a useful split to benchmark the characteristics of these two groups.

The online research was accompanied by a qualitative survey based on detailed interviews among 225 women across the 6 partner countries who had completed the survey to give a more detailed personal perspective on women´s approach to angel investing.

To read the Survey Report, please click here.






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